With a name like Gunplay, you pretty much always know what to expect. Still, that doesn't mean we won't enjoy the rapper's latest album, Haram, a concentrated dose of street tales and outright gangsterdom.

At 10 tracks, Haram is short, sweet and action-packed. He hits the streets running on "No Bricks," a track that finds the Florida rapper taking the work of his competitors without a care in the world. In fact, he makes it sound like he's actually obligated to do so.

"Sweet licks got me slinging cheap bricks/So sweet, heat never leave hips/If it do I'm going back to trial/Copperheads gon' tumble out the barrel," he spits on the track, sounding like he means every word.

He continues these vibes on "Tellin," an anti-snitching anthem. "These niggas out here signing black and white/And coming back thinking it's alright/Everybody give them niggas daps and hugs/But ask em how you gave crackers back that dough," he raps on the hard track.

Haram is the second album Gunplay's dropped in the last few months, with his last project, titled The Plug, being released back in June. Check out the project for yourself below. Cop it on iTunes.

Gunplay’s Haram Tracklist

1. “No Brick”
2. “On A Daily”
3. “Co-Defendant”
4. “Tellin”
5. “That Eazy” Feat. Mozzy
6. “Slangin Slabs”
7. “Chain Gang”
8. “In My Zone”
9. “Call Log” (Remix)
10. “So Trill”


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