Gunplay's long-awaited, oft-delayed debut album for Def Jam, Living Legend, officially hits stores tomorrow (July 31) and ahead of its release XXL exclusively premieres part one of his five-part Living Legend documentary series.

In the inaugural part, Gunplay sits down to explain his early life growing up, with both parents divorced by the time he was five. "Young Richard Morales, he was reckless," Gunplay opens, shedding light on what he was like as a child. "Young Richard didn't have a care in the world; he thought he was gonna be young forever. He thought he could smoke a pound of weed a day, you know what I mean? He had no concerns of fear, of going to jail, of dying." He explains how he grew up with his mother's Jamaican side of the family, how moving to Miami at age nine meant he was unable to see his father as much and how he saw school largely as a customer base for his growing drug operation.

"I was mostly a rebel; I didn't really like school, so I wasn't going there to learn anything, I was going there to sell some dope and leave at lunchtime, come back at the end of school, sell some more dope and that was it," he says. "So I didn't really interact with too many people unless you was spendin' some money."

From there he explains how he started selling drugs to help out his mother, hustling and growing his operation with the goal of emulating the "American drug dream" put forth by Scarface's Tony Montana until he moved from dealing drugs to stealing and robbing, only cleaning up his act when his friend got killed. "After a while I did my last lick and I called it a day," he explains about getting out of the drug game. "'Cause I was like, I keep getting away with it too much, I'm still alive and I think I need to just calm down and chill, re-focus and start doing some music."

Check out episode one above and stay tuned for the rest of the series in the coming days. Don't miss our interview with Gunplay about the long delays for Living Legend right here and watch the video for his first single, "Wuzhanindoe" featuring YG, below.