Gucci Mane is back with a new song called "I Told You" featuring Young Thug. The song comes off his upcoming The Return of East Atlanta Santa album dropping this December. The track's produced by Mike WiLL Made-It and Zaytoven, and you can hear it above.

XXL's latest cover featured the professor and the protégé in two separate interviews, Gucci talking about signing Thugger on the spot without even hearing his music while Thug talked about his connection to big Guwop.

"He’s just genuine. Kinda like Kanye West," says Thug of his La Flare. "He was like, 'Bruh, the rap game yours. You just gotta... don’t get in trouble, keep rapping and I’ma make sure.' He kept me in the studio, then he went to jail again for the three years and I was there, every day. Going to work, going to work, going to work, going to work. And I always showed love. I’m always like, 'Free Guwop' at my shows. He’s my brother. He really gave me money. This nigga really gave me money. Nigga really helped me with my kids. That’s my homie."

On Thug, Gucci says, “I always used to tell Thug, ‘You signed to me, but at the end of the day, you the boss of Young Thug Entertainment. You Young Thug Records like I’m Gucci Records. I gotta manage me. If somebody tell me to be somewhere, I gotta make sure I’m there. Can’t nobody make sure I’m there but me.’ I used to always preach that to them. Don’t think just because somebody may be the financier right now, things change. You might be on a way bigger level than me or whoever behind you, but you got to handle yourself like you a business, like you a brand, so that everybody that meet you be like, ‘I want to do business with this guy. He talented, but at the same time, he understand what’s going on.’”

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