Gucci Mane's historical resonance is linked to the rapper's insane musical output, and now, he is readying his second album in less than four months after being released from prison in late May. Gucci dropped Everybody Looking in July, with features from Drake, Kanye West and Young Thug, and will be back in less than a month's time with Woptober, scheduled to drop on Oct. 17, or 1017, in the fashion of his record label.

Keeping things somewhat consistent, the new Gucci album will likewise boast three features, with Travis Scott, Rick Ross and Young Dolph all pitching in. The Scott collab, "Last Time" is the lead single and dropped in late August. Noticeably absent however are the collaborations with Lil Wayne and Outkast that Guwop referenced on Snapchat earlier this month, though at this pace Gucci will still have time to drop a third album before year's end.

Back in July, XXL caught up with Zaytoven to discuss the changes Guwop made in his artistic process since getting out of jail. “He still Gucci Mane. He still going to give you the same style of lyrics and the same charisma,” Zay said about Gucci’s approach to making Everybody Looking. “I think he came out with a clear mind and focused. Even though he’s been locked up for so long, he sat and thought about all the songs that he wrote. A lot of the time, he might come in and rap in the spirit of the moment. But he took his time and effort on [this album].”

Woptober then, with the tracklist included below, could be an extension of those same processes. A preorder of the album is available via iTunes.

Gucci Mane's Woptober Tracklist

1. “Intro: F*** 12”
2. “Aggressive”
3. “The Left”
4. “Money Machine” Feat. Rick Ross
5. “Dirty Lil N****”
6. “Last Time” Feat. Travis Scott
7. “Wop”
8. “Right On Time”
9. “Bling Blaww Blurr” Feat. Young Dolph
10. “Icy Lil B****”
11. “Love Her Body”
12 “Hi-Five”
13. ”Out the Zoo”
14. “Addicted”

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