Gucci Mane and T-Pain turn all the way up in a new video for Steve Aoki and Yellow Claw's Kolony track, "Lit." Peep the new visual, which was shot in Aoki's virtual Dim Mak Manor, below.

The "Lit" video looks as if it was shot in a surreal void in space and time, with the all-white backdrop looking like pure nothingness. The visual begins with a shot of the fictional manor before we're transported into the mansion itself. Once there, we see a contortionist, a belly dancer and a fire breather. T-Pain spends most of his time dancing around, while Aoki sits on a throne, rocking some expensive-looking jewelry. You might remember, this is the same "place" where Aoki and Lil Yachty shot their video for "Night Call."

In short, the vid looks every bit as fun as the EDM banger itself. Speaking with XXL a little while back, Aoki explained how, exactly, "Lit" came together.

“T-Pain was in Vegas and I was FaceTiming him until he woke up and I got him to come over my house and jump in my pool, it’s kind of initiation,” Aoki told us at the time. “After we were having fun, I played him the beat and he’s wildin’ out. I got him in the booth and gave him an idea of the songs I’m going for. I kept singing ‘All I do is win’ over and over again and then he came up with this hook, T-Pain style. He sings a Queen line and I’m like, we’re never going to get this cleared. But he got it cleared, it was fucking crazy. Then we said we need to get Gucci on this, it will be sick. I sent it over to Gucci’s camp and he loved it and he did his thing and then Yellow Claw touched it up.”

Check out the video for "Lit," which was directed by Ours&Yours, below.

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