A joint project between Gucci Mane, Migos and Lil Yachty was reportedly set to release in February but never came. While fans still wait for the rumored project, Gucci shares the latest song between the artists, "Solitaire."

Produced by Da Honorable C.N.O.T.E., "Solitaire" features an electronic-sounding instrumental reminiscent of an '80s video game, as the rappers all deliver a few bars. "I was just sittin' in a cell playin' solitaire/Now they see me everywhere, brush they full of solitaires/Solitaire, solitaire, neck, ear, solitaire," the Mr. Davis artist raps during the hook.

"Yo hoe wanna fuck my vibe (sheesh)/Huncho Brett Favre, throw pies (Huncho)/Try the gang, and we dumpin' (dump)/Glacier Boy it's a global warmin' (yeah)," Quavo spits before Lil Boat comes in for a quick verse.

"Bitch I don't play no solitaire, I'm a fuckin' millionaire/Trap stars everywhere (trap)/Bad hoes everywhere (bad)/Right wrist quarter million dollars, that's no lie/Left wrist, all Piguets, I put it in the sky," Yachty raps.

In early February, Quavo posted and then deleted a tweet that said Migos, Gucci and Yachty were in the studio working on something called "GLACIER BOYS." "IN THE STUDIO MAKING GLACIER BOYZ GUCCI MANE MIGOS LIL YACHY," he tweeted. "Who Got More Ice Than This Trio?! STILL WAITIN. That's Why We Glacier."

While Quavo's tweet was deleted, Gucci appeared to confirm the project, replying, "Brrr #GlacierBoyz coming February."

There's also a chance "Solitaire" could be featured on Gucci's next solo album, The Evil Genius. The East Atlanta Santa revealed the album in late December shortly after the release of El Gato: The Human Glacier.

Listen to Gucci Mane, Migos and Lil Yachty's "Solitaire" below.

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