Gucci Mane brings forth more gifts off his The Return of East Atlanta Santa mixtape, dropping off the video for the track "Nonchalant."

Guwop posts up in a posh mansion, while surrounded by several exotic dancers who shadow his moves. Between outfit changes, the Atlanta MC raps for the camera. "Now my watch so fuckin' bright/It look like sunlight in the night/I shit on rappers, I shit on athletes/Me and Floyd should book a fight/I'm a sight to see for sho so your hoe should book a flight/Versace frames so call me Forbes/I done fucked every hoe I like/I'm so charming all these tinted chains/I didn't even wear a charm/She like Bentley bracelets what's that on your arm/You didn't have to speak offensive cause my watch is so expensive women get so damn defensive/They love me like kids love Christmas/I'm young active and attractive/Nonchalant but I'm persistent," he spits.

Later on in the video, Gucci brings the strip club to his house, and enjoys some pole dancing.

Gucci had a similar theme of barley dressed women in his last video for "Stutter," which he released earlier this week.

Both singles, as well as the previously released "St. Brick" reside on The Return of East Atlanta Santa mixtape, which came out on Dec. 16.

Gucci also recently dropped a new collab with Drake titled "Both," which will more than likely be on their joint project 6'ers.

Watch the "Nonchalant" video, above.

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