Atlanta rap label Quality Control released their 2017 compilation album, Quality Control: Control the Streets Vol. 1, in December, and have released a flurry of videos from the project since. The latest song to get its turn is Gucci Mane's "The Load," which also features the next generation of QC, Lil Baby and Marlo.

The video shows Gucci as the angry owner of a warehouse, dealing with one of his mysterious deliveries not arriving in a timely fashion. Before the truck arrives, Lil Baby and Marlo spit their verses about the situation at hand, with growing concern about the product touching down.

The trio spend some time rapping on the roof of a flatbed truck, and hang out between the shelves of the massive storage facility. "Keep gunners with me lately, they might gun you down for nathin'/El Gato is my code name, don't ever call me Radric," Gucci raps, sharing how hard it is to get near him. "Crystal coke and crystal meth, so icy entertainment/I'm gangster but I'm famous, bitch I'm armed and I'm dangerous."

While Wop has returned to being known for his incredible work ethic in 2017, he has shown no signs of slowing down in the new year. He teased a new album on Twitter, possibly titling it The Evil Genius. Gucci's reach has always extended past his own music, and in the wake of Lil Pump's voided contract, there may be something coming between the two. After finding out that the Florida rapper is now a free agent, Gucci let it be known that he's interested in putting him under his wing. Wop left the comment "1017 you name the price," under one of Pump's Instagram photos, an outward offering of a record deal.

Watch Gucci Mane, Lil Baby and Marlo in "The Load" video below.

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