Gucci Mane is not concerned about President Donald Trump. In a new interview with Marilyn Manson for CR Men's Book, the Atlanta rapper said he did not care about the presidency. No matter who won the 2016 election, Gucci had the same plan.

“I don’t give a damn who the president is right now," Gucci said. "If Hillary won, if Jeb Bush won, if Ben Carson won, I got the same plan: get me some money, keep putting out my music, keep just trying to be a better person than what I was. Four years from now, I expect to be in a better position than I’m in now, but I don’t feel like the president is going to put me in a better position.”

Gucci's self-centered outlook on the situation may give a little credence to Waka Flocka's recent criticism of his old mentor. Waka characterized Guwop as being selfish on the diss track "Was My Dawg." Since then, Waka has also downplayed the role of Gucci in his career.

“I will just say this little bit about Gucci because my fans deserve for me to elaborate on why I went so hard at a person that ‘started my career,'” he said. “And to make the record straight, my mother started my career. My mother started Gucci’s career, my mother started Nicki’s career, Juiceman’s career, French Montana’s career, Lex Luger as a producer. She molded us all. So to give one man credit for something that he don’t even know how to do."

Gucci and Waka's relationship remains fractured, but the Guwop has mended things with his most famous cohort. Gucci and Nicki Minaj reunited a few weeks ago, ending tension that began in 2013.

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