El Paso, Texas rapper Evander Griiim gets a huge look from Gucci Mane for his “Right Now (Remix).” The 19 year-old MC supplies a party banger over the Skrittzy-produced single. Gucci shines on the record.

"Just got off the stage I need thirty bitches right now/I’m so piped up ain't no way that I can pipe down/The way I lay that pipe down she say that she my wife now/But I just want a good suck up and a decent whip down," he raps.

Griiim explains in an interview how he got the OG of Atlanta to hop on his single for the remix.

“My CEO Buck played the record for Guwop when he first came home from the feds; I didn’t even know [Gucci] laid the verse down," he said. "I flew to ATL to record and Buck didn’t even tell me. He literally picked me up then we were shooting the video that day. It was one the best moments of my life, true story.”

Big Guwop, who has one of the best ears for talent, discussed what makes Evander Griiim unique. "It ain't no easy job to make something that sounds good," Gucci shared. "If that was the case everybody would have some shit that’s hard. I thought [the song] was hard. Evander can rap and sing! I had to be a part of it and once my boi Buck played it, I got on it instantly."

Listen to Gucci and Griiim's collabo above.

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