Rap OG Grand Puba returns with the video for "UDK" off his new album Black to the Future.

The socially driven track finds the Brand Nubian member touching on a number of topics that are detrimental to longevity of the human species. In other words, dropping jewels. The futuristic visual takes place 8.6 light years of Earth in Sirus in a journey "that explored the possible self-conducted extinction of mankind." Grand drops knowledge while sitting on rock throne and later in the clip, he saves a family from an evil doctor with some swift power moves.

Black to the Future is Puba's first album in seven years following up Retroactive which dropped back in 2009.

At least two of the members of Brand Nubian have been putting in work this year as Sadat X - the most active member of the trio - also recently put out an LP, Aqua, and celebrated the 20th anniversary of his Wild Cowboys LP.

"What keeps me active in the game is my love for it," said Sadat during a recent interview with XXL. See, I still love rap, I still love to rap, I haven’t let it consume me to where it’s a job, you know what I’m saying? It is a job, but I still have the passion for it. I still love it — I still hear songs that people make, and I’m like, Damn, I wish I would have done that song, and that’s what I think fuels me — my love for it still, the passion."

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