Goldlink has just come through with some brand new heat, and he's brought the talented Ciscero along with him. You can check out the disco-infused new track, titled "Fall in Love," above.

"Fall in Love" features an infectious beat produced by Kaytranada and BadBadNotGood and sees Goldlink and Ciscero reflecting on the perils of being struck by cupid's arrow. Goldlink also puts his extremely pleasant singing voice to good use for the song's hook.

Goldlink handles the first verse, where he warns a lover that he's "bad for everybody." Goldlink doesn't use very straightforward bar-structure in his verse, and his in-and-out sort of flow really fits the disco track pretty well.

Ciscero comes with a more conventional flow on the new track's second verse, and he sounds very much like a playboy who isn't all that intent on abandoning his ways. Young Ciscero keep that bitch nasty, ay/I don't know bout that but I do love/This right here, this that group love," he raps towards the end of his verse.

"Fall in Love," is a hell of a track, and we expect to hear much more great things from Goldlink in the near future. Helping push his music forward is RCA Records, the record label that signed him back in July. Goldlink's manager Henny Yegezu claims RCA understands Goldlink's artistic identity.

“We feel like he’s laid down that groundwork of who he is and what he is and created that core audience; this is kind of the next natural step … You sign to a label for the people and not the label. [RCA] understands that you have to let these urban alternative artists breathe,” Yegezu said at the time of the signing.

Yegezu continued, “If you take them to radio too early they just become that one song. We want to create a whole culture and world that our fans live in, and then the radio hit just tips it over the top. We don’t want to be dependent on a song. And when you think of GoldLink, that’s not the type of artist he is; he’s an idea, he’s a sound and a feeling. We just want to continue to do that on a bigger scale with a bigger team."

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