Over the past several days, there has been a resurgence in the viral internet challenge known as the #ForTheDickChallenge, with the likes of Cardi B, Erykah Badu, Michael Blackson, Dreezy and Issae Rae all partaking and helping spread its popularity online. New Orleans rapper GameOva Reedy dropped the first freestyle back in April of this year, and has since come forward with her reaction to the song's theme really taking off.

During a video clip discussing the viral sensation, Reedy gives some backstory, explaining that she first did the freestyle during a performance last year.

"I was so hype off the crowd, I started rapping," she explains. "It just came to my head and I started rapping, the crowd went crazy so every show I would perform at, I would always just rap it and everybody was like, you know, make it a song."

This past week, several celebrities have done their own take on the "For That Dick" freestyle, with the internet blessing the trend with its own hashtag, #ForTheDickChallenge, something that naturally caught the rapper's attention.

"I love Cardi B's freestyle, I love Erykah Badu, Michael Blackson, everybody who I seen, I loved it," Reedy continues. "The actor, the cop. I loved it all. I loved everybody who did it, it's just made me like I'm a trendsetter."

She then explains the issue she has with the song, explaining that she's upset she hasn't received proper credit for starting the trend.

"I haven't received no extra benefits from this song whatsoever," the rapper continues. "Not a single dime, no endorsements, no anything. I'm highly upset because I'm not getting the credit that I deserve and today was the first day I ever spoke on it. I just kept ignoring it, but when you wake up everyday and everybody's tagging you in something and everybody's giving this girl credit for something that she didn't create, it don't matter if she didn't say the exact words that I said but she did say 'for that dick.' When I did it, a lot of people liked it and other people said it was stupid. But now, it's a bunch of dickriders, acting like it's all good and it's all that. Everybody's doing it but I did this."

Reedy then adds that she isn't mad at those who are participating in the trend, she just wants them to know that she was the originator.

"I'm loving the fact that the celebrities are doing it," she concludes. "I'm loving that, I just want them to know where it came from, that's all. I'm not mad at anybody, I'm loving it. I just want people to know where it came from, it came from me. Obama could do it, Donald Trump could do it, as long as he posts, 'I got this from Reedy, inspired by Reedy,' I don't care who do it, just let it be known who did it first."

Take a look at GameOva Reedy expressing her thoughts regarding the latest internet craze below and peep her original video as well.

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