Things escalated rather quickly early this morning outside of the Los Angeles club Supperclub when mutual acquaintances of T.I. and Game got in a physical altercation with the club's security. According to TMZ, a group of men associated with the two rappers were denied entrance to the club and began arguing with security outside. One thing led to another and a member of the crew threw a punch at one of the security guards--which you can clearly hear in the fight video below.

Security then threw the two men a vicious beat down and cops quickly descended on the scene. When T.I. and Game caught wind of what was going on, they stormed outside and mistakenly believed that the LAPD had beaten their acquaintances up. The two rappers stood toe-to-toe with the police in an intense standoff before they were informed by one of the men that was beat up that it was security that attacked the men--not the police. The scene was eventually cleared out and no charges were filed.


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