The Game is responding to fans who clowned him for being absent from Kendrick Lamar's Pop Out Concert earlier this week.

The Game Responds to Absence From Kendrick Lamar Pop Out Show

On Thursday (June 20), Game hopped on Instagram Story to address the fans clowning him for his absence from Kendrick's Pop Out - Ken & Friends Concert.

"Been seeing sh*t swirl around the internet, and sometimes, man, y’all got to hear it from the horse’s mouth, man,” Game said in the response below. "Muthaf**kas in my DMs, and all on these blog sites and whatnot, talking about, ‘The West Coast ain’t f**king with you, and you ain’t this and you ain’t that, and you’re siding with this ni**a and that ni**a.’ When the f**k y’all heard me say a muthaf**king thing about who I’m siding with or this and that? I’ll be in my own lane chilling, taking care of my kids out the f**king way. That’s how I made it this far in this game, man."

He insisted he didn't have to be there, but praised Kendrick. "Now, as far as the Kendrick and Drake shit concerned, that’s Kendrick and Drake sh*t, ni**a," he said. "Kendrick do his sh*t and what he did last night that sh*t was amazing for the West Coast. I sat back and I watched it. I ain’t have to be there, you know what I’m saying?...I think it's a W for the coast. I think that what K-Dot did for a lot of West Coast ni**as last night was hard as f**k. I think it was hard. I think it was big dope of him and big-hearted of him to do that sh*t for ni**as. But that ni**a learnt that sh*t on the way up."

Game again reaffirmed that he thinks what Kendrick did was "amazing," and that he's cool with both Drizzy and Dot.

"He didn’t have to do that but he did it," Game said. "I thought that sh*t was dope. As far as my relationship with Drake? Drake is my brother. I f**k with Drake."

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Fans Think The Game Sides With Drake

The Game's response comes after artists like YGDr. DreRoddy Ricch and more performed at Kendrick Lamar's The Pop Out - Ken & Friends concert on Wednesday (June 19), but not Game. Chuck's absence from the Kia Forum in Inglewood, Calif., was surprising considering he's from the same hometown as those who performed.

Back in April, fans initially believed the Compton rapper was actually siding with Drake. In a post The Game put on Instagram, Drake's If You're Reading This It's Too Late track "Energy" was playing on a smart speaker. Game wrote in the caption: "I got rap n***as that I gotta act like I like," which is a lyric from the Drake track.

It's true that Game has worked with both Drake and Kendrick Lamar on multiple occasions. K-Dot even opened up for Game early in his career. In 2021, Game said Kendrick was the best rapper from Compton.

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Watch The Game speak on his absence from The Pop Out concert below.

Watch The Game Speak on His Absence From Kendrick Lamar's Pop Out Concert

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