There’s certainly no love lost between the Game and California rap rival and G-Unit affiliate 40 Glocc.

That point was reinforced after video surfaced Sunday (July 8), showing the Game serving up a beat down to Big Bad 40 over 1:40 of footage. Game allegedly recorded the fight on his on iPhone, before his camp posted the near-two-minute clip on, the latter four capitalized letters of the website, standing for “Got Knocked The Fuck Out.”

After the fight believed to have happened on Saturday afternoon (July 7) in Los Angeles, both Cali rappers took to their respective Twitters accounts to recount their side of the story.

Ask Game and he says the situation is exactly what fans seen in the video—him beating up 40 Glocc.

Ask @40GLOCC bout his new headphone line “Beats By Game,” Chuck Taylor tweeted Sunday. “Shit be thumpin huh ?!?!?!?!?”

Before that, Game tweeted, “iPhone in my left hand…. Mayweather’n this nigga with my right!!! #AtTheSameDamnTime.”

That’s not the account 40 Glocc gave VladTV on Sunday, however.

40 claims Game’s camp pulled guns on him and jumped him, forcing him to not fight and try to high tail it out of there.

"I took it,” 40 told Vlad. Take a licking, keep on ticking. I had to turn the wheels on, you know what I mean? If you ain't got a gun, you better run," 40 explained. "My motto is: if you ain't got a gun, and they got some, you better run. I had to do what I had to do, I had to get out the situation."

On Twitter the same day, he also alleged that Game had edited the video in his favor.

“Niggaz jump me 3times & edited all that shit out,Wit guns on me & ya homies kickin & hitten,” he added.

But Game insists there was no guns, no jumping and the footage off his iPhone was raw, not a second of it edited.

“Where was the gun @ in the video ?!?!?” Game asked fans on his Twitter. “Where was the 10 niggas? Stop lying to these people pussy… It was me & you & my iphone nigga !!!”—Jakinder Singh