40 Glocc is nursing a couple of bullet wounds in a hospital after being shot twice while attending a funeral in San Bernardino, Calif. yesterday (June 15). TMZ reported the news earlier today.

Law enforcement authorities tell TMZ the West Coast rapper was shot at 2:30 p.m local time. When the bullets were fired at the cemetery, 40 was hit in his arm and chest. At around the same time, a woman in the vicinity of the shooting was run over by a car, though whether or not the incidents are connected is unclear. 40 Glocc is reportedly now in stable condition.

During his career, 40 Glocc's become as famous for his beef with rappers as he has for his own music. Five years ago, the rapper was famously jumped by The Game—whom he was beefing with at the time—and some of his associates. Game posted video of the incident online.

Some time after being jumped, 40 sued Game for $4.54 million. This past September, a judge ordered Game to pay up $3,000 to 40 after deeming him responsible for the assault.

We haven't heard too much about 40 beefing with anyone in recent months. None of that really matters at the moment, though. We just hope he continues to recover in peace.

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