The Game is currently dealing with a number of legal situations, but at least one court matter is coming to a close. The Compton rapper's longstanding legal feud with rival 40 Glocc is finally reaching its end as Game has been deemed responsible for putting them paws on 40 back in 2012 and ordered to pay up to the tune of $3,000.

The issue dates back to the summer of 2012 when The Game taped himself roughing 40 up outside of a party in the Hollywood Hills. Almost a year after the incident, 40 sued The Game for $4.5 million over pain and suffering, emotional distress, lost earnings, medical expenses, and of course, punitive damages, claiming he was held at gunpoint and jumped. Chuck later claimed self defense.

According to MyNewsLA on Tuesday (Dec. 22), Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Susan Bruguera ordered the 3K payout and also found that Game committed battery. Now a second phase of trial will be set up to determine whether he should have to pay punitive damages. That status conference is scheduled for Jan. 14.

Glocc, born, Lawrence White, got far less than the mills he was asking for, an amount the judge says was due to him seemingly not telling the whole story while on the stand. "The court finds plaintiff’s total disregard for the truth while testifying results in his failure to carry his burden of proof on all causes of action except for the undisputed battery,” Brugera wrote.

In an apparent response to the low judgment, and the jokes that surely ensued, 40 took to Instagram to call off the haters. Posting a photo of stacks of cash, he wrote, "DONT WORRY BOUT MY POCKETS, I GET MONEY FOR FUN... IVE NEVER WAITED OR DEPENDED ON NOBODY, NEVER ASKED OR BEGGED NOBODY FOR SHIT... CHECK MY 💵💰NET WORTH.💵💰.. IM GAMBLER I LOVE ROLLING THE DICE.. 🎲🎲😅😉 .. WHAT I EAT DONT MAKE YOU SHIT..💩😅 PAY YO BILLS...MINE IS ALWAYS PAID."

The legal woes continue for The Game who just a week ago pleaded not guilty in punching an off-duty police officer.

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