Kosovar/Albanian rapper G4shi broke on the msuic scene back in 2011 with his Don Cannon-hosted mixtape Last of a Rare Breed. Since then, the multi-talented artist has been growing sonically and building his fan base. Now the Brooklyn-based MC is back with a new hit titled "Disrespectful." The record is the first single off his forthcoming sequel to his well received Stairs project. If you think you can go against G4shi, don't be surprise if he gets in your face.

"Movin' it quick/Tryna get rich and dodgin' these dicks/Got head in the Uber then call me a Lyft/She pissed but what it is what it is what it is/Girl I'm stuck up in my ways yeah, my ways yeah/You can call me when you naked, you naked," he raps.

Since's it's launch earlier this month, the record has already reached over two million streams, landed on one of Diplo's Spotify playlists and is officially headed into viral land. Give it a spin below.

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