50 Cent and G-Unit were up early this morning to hop on Hot 97's airwaves and breakdown everything from Bobby Shmurda to Floyd Mayweather. While G-Unit is always an entertaining interview, Tony Yayo was by far the star of this conversation. The energetic MC spoke candidly on why The Game wasn't involved in the reunion and how much his life changed after coming home from prison and hearing that Get Rich Or Die Tryin' sold eleven million copies in its first week.

Here are the highlights:

Yayo on Why Game Wasn't Involved In The Reunion: I just feel like with The Game thing, y'all know what it is, he was messing with Jimmy Henchman, it's deeper than rap. You keep asking that dumb question when his OGs had feds knocking at my door! It's the streets, you don't get it!

My view on the industry is there are a lot of snakes and The Game is a snake who won. It was perfect timing for him, G-Unit was blowing, 50 was in the studio with Dre, The Game was in a little studio, Banks and I were in a big studio hearing Get Rich Or Die Tryin', we're doing our freestyles. Fif helped him, he gave him "How We Do" and all these records. G-Unit, we're always the bad guys but no one sees what anyone else does.

50 On Why Olivia Wasn't involved In the Reunion: Olivia never happened. When you had a song come out, a hit record, and we start to move forward and the album never came out. That's like, why no Hot Rod? It all falls in the same lane. 

Banks On Bobby Shmurda: I got no percentage of hate in me, to be honest, I was happy for him. When I saw that initially, they're just havin' fun, man. I'd rather my name be involved any day in that than anyone else. 

50 On Shmurda: It reminds me a lot of Chief Keef. It feels like the drill music they make, they use the slang that come from Chicago energy. It's a New York version of it. That's hip-hop to me...Watching Bobby Shmurda is like watching Chief Keef in his grandmother's living room...We'll see if he's talented enough to continue this success. If the next record comes and it's not a hit, then bye. 

50 On Floyd: It wouldn't be tense [if I saw him]. He'd have to make a mistake like have his super big bodyguard do something. 

Banks On Being Back In Studio Together: It felt like 2001-2002 to be honest because there was no break. It was an eight-bar cadence, then Yayo would get his eight-bars out, then Buck would get his eight-bars out. The illest part of it is is the content is now. Like the Mike Brown situation, you can speak on it now. 

Yayo On Initial G-Unit Success: One thing I'll always respect about Fif is...You know when you hear the big homie let's he little homie stay in the hood and he gets smoked? It always happens in the rap game. When I came home [from jail], I had a condo on 25th street.