It feels like just about everyone's a huge fan of Jim Jones' recently uploaded crab video, which went viral within a matter of minutes. Everyone except G Perico, that is. Recently, the California rapper clapped back at Jones for the video, which finds Jones poking fun at the Crips, a storied gang Perico's proudly repped for most of his life.

In the crab video, Jones can be seen smack-talking a crab, calling it out for "set tripping." For those who aren't familiar with any aspects of Crip culture, "crab" is what members of the gang's rivals—the Bloods—call them. See the connection?

On Monday (Aug. 14), Perico used his Instagram account to let Capo and others know the crab video isn't cool with him. "I wanna kno what make this nigga @jimjonescapo think it's coo to disrespect CRIPS like this???? That's not 🔵🔵," Perico says in the caption for the post, which includes Jones' original video. Vince Staples even jumped in Perico's comments, saying of Jim, "cuh too old for that."

To an outsider looking in, Jones' video might feel innocuous, but you've got to remember, Perico is a guy who appeared in a video called "Crip Lives Matter" and dropped a project called All Blue just a few months ago. This stuff matters to him.

Capo has yet to respond, but it doesn't feel too likely that Perico's the only Crip mad about the video. Peep his post below.

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