G Herbo's debut album, Humble Beastis set to drop this Friday (Sept. 22), but before the rapper releases his highly-anticipated project, he has a surprise for his fans. On Monday, he drops the #S4MF2: Road to Humble Beast EP, the second entry in his Strictly 4 My Fans series.

The five-song EP features the rapper going just as hard as fans would expect him to on his upcoming album. On the track "Bag," Herbo raps, "Like my bro Cap way before rap, bitch I had stupid swag/So let me tell you how I blew a bag/Hit up the mall and spend $10k, don't check no stupid tag/Spent $1,600 on that eight, drunk that shit super fast."

The rapper also showcases his flow on the song "Ride." He spits, "I get fly like the first day of school/Freshest nigga in the room/Bitches seen a loose screw when they see me/Although I'm a cool dude/Trick her mind, spit her lines/Get behind, block her line/Fooled you/Bitches love to run their mouth/To see what they can figure out, blues clues/I'm just tryna stack green 'til I get a big amount/Blues too."

While Herbo fans now have some new music to hold them over, it's been two years since the rapper first announced his debut album. Speaking with XXLHerbo know's it's taking a long time for his album to drop but said it would be worth the wait.

“My album is taking so long because it’s gon’ be perfect,” the rapper said. “I want my album to put you in the mind of [JAY-Z’s] Reasonable Doubt and [Nas’] Illmatic. That’s what I want my album to resemble, so it’s gon’ take time. You can’t rush it.”

Check out the tracklist and listen to G Herbo's Road to Humble Beast below.

G Herbo's #S4MF2: Road to Humble Beast Tracklist

1. "Head Right"
2. "Bag"
3. "Rap God"
4. "Ride"
5. "Fuck It Tho"

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