G Herbo had some strong words for a man who recently stepped to him with a very disrespectful question.

On Wednesday (Aug. 10), a TikTok video posted by Icewithinmedia highlighted a confrontation between a man and G Herbo that could've very well gotten physical. In the short clip included below, an unidentified social media user walked up to the Chicago rapper with his camera rolling and immediately asked, "How badly would I beat your ass?"

Taking heavy exception to the unexpected pull-up, G Herbo quickly responded with a sharp verbal jab at the man while at the same time, holding his 3-year-old son, Yosohn, in his arms.

"My son will beat your ass," said Herbo. "Fuck you talkin’ ’bout, nigga?"

The unnamed social media user then replied by asking, "Who, him?"

At that point, G Herbo became much more animated at just the slightest hint that the man who approached him was about to engage in any sort of trash talk about the "Who Want Smoke??" rapper's toddler.

"Say something," said Herbo as he turned back toward the person holding the camera. "I want you to say something crazy about my son. I'll knock your ass out right now."

This isn't the first time in 2022 that G Herbo has made it known that he's not here to play when it comes to his children. Back in April, when the mother of his son, Ari Fletcher, implied on Instagram that perhaps Herbo's current girlfriend, Taina Williams, brought harm to the young boy, the "PTSD" spitter was quick to shut down any notion that he would do anything less than protect his child from any possible mistreatment.

Watch G Herbo React to Being Confronted Below

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