G Herbo, who turns 26 on Oct. 8, has pulled off the near impossible when it comes to hip-hop. He's stayed sharp and relevant at an art form that he started back as a teenager. The Chicago rapper turned his skill into a lucrative career. Coming onto the scene at 15 years old, Herbo, then known as Lil Herb, pulled eyes and ears in his direction with 2012's "Kill Shit," alongside his close friend and fellow Chi-town native Lil Bibby. That song set him on a path to success, with a current career trajectory that includes two Billboard 200 top 10 albums: 2020's PTSD and this year's 25.

While there have been several legal hurdles throughout his time in the spotlight, G Herbo has gained respect as one of the more talented young rappers and a fixture in Chicago hip-hop. In the nine years he's spent in the game, the MC has plenty of moments where he's displayed high-level lyricism.

The aforementioned "Kill Shit" is a good example of Herbo's early style. The track showcases his ability to rhyme fast and still enunciate clearly while getting his bars off. At the time, he was a drill rapper through and though, but also displayed traits of an artist who really wanted to make his lyrics count. Since then, the rhymer's elevation is apparent.

G Herbo began to round out into a complete artist as his career went on. He veered more toward making a statement with his music and his PTSD album features much of that energy. His platinum-selling 2020 single "PTSD" featuring Juice WRLD, Lil Uzi Vert and Chance The Rapper is a great example of this. Herbo's verse is strong as he centers on his fallen friends and the mental toll the streets have taken on him. "Gangsta's Cry" featuring BJ The Chicago Kid is in a similar vein. Herbo lets his guard down, and brings his listener closer to the pain he lives with.

He's had many stellar lyrical moments throughout his career on the solo front, but also a guest appearance on Nicki Minaj's "Chiraq" or the remix to Lil Eazzyy's "Onna Come Up" proves he brings the heat on other artists' tracks.

Check out the list below to listen to G Herbo's best lyrical moments.

  • "Kill Shit"

    G Herbo and Lil Bibby
  • "Retro Flow"

    G Herbo
  • "Yea I Know"

    G Herbo
  • "Break Yoself"

    G Herbo
  • "PTSD"

    G Herbo featuring Juice WRLD, Lil Uzi Vert and Chance The Rapper
  • "Really Like That"

    G Herbo
  • "Statement"

    G Herbo
  • "Stand The Rain (Mad Max)"

    G Herbo
  • "Sessions"

    G Herbo
  • "Chiraq"

    Nicki Minaj featuring G Herbo
  • "150/55"

    Sada Baby featuring G Herbo
  • "Gangsta's Cry"

    G Herbo featuring BJ The Chicago Kid
  • "Gangbangin"

    G Herbo
  • "Bought A Tool"

    G Herbo
  • "FoReal"

    G Herbo and Southside
  • "On Yo Ass"

    King Von featuring G Herbo
  • "Onna Come Up (Remix)"

    Lil Eazzyy featuring G Herbo

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