The last few years have seen the ascendance of G-Eazy, and it looks like he isn't planning on slowing down. Yesterday (Sept. 12), the Bay Area artist teamed up with singer Anthony Russo to deliver "Rewind," a new song and visual that meshes breezy summer vibes with some reflective lyrics from Gerald.

On the track, the platinum-selling rapper reflects on the hardships of a flailing romance, one he wishes he could rewind. Russo delivers a smooth hook that establishes the tone of the song.

"I can't take you blowing up my line/Fucking up my vibe every night/Look at this back and forth shit/We might have to rewind," croons Russo, emphasizing the fact that he doesn't want to deal with the arguments that have taken control of his relationship.

From there, G-Eazy spits about distancing himself from the drama that comes with a troubled romance. "Good vibes only/Can't be held back for nothing, no ties on me/I'm tryna be as big as 'Pac, all eyes on me/And why you saying we're together?/You're just my homie, fall back/Be kind and rewind/Let's backtrack, I need time/Some good weed and me time," raps Gerald, who recently fired a vicious diss track at Machine Gun Kelly.

In the video itself, Gerald and Russo take a trip to the mountains where they both take some time thinking about some troubled relationships they've had with other women. In a creative moment, we see G-Eazy's own romance literally rewinds to the days before a woman, whose presumably his, ex-girlfriend started breaking vases.

Watch the new video below.

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