Back in March, G-Eazy and Carnage teamed up for an EP titled Step Brothers. Two months later, the MC and producer return to the project to provide some visuals for the 24hrs-assisted cut "Down For Me."

The music video is directed by Edgar Esteves, who sets the scene with a dimly lit shots that add to the mood. G-Eazy becomes captivated by a mysterious woman and finds himself searching for her throughout a hotel. While the "Guala" rapper makes his way through the building, he spits about his inability to settle down with one lady due to his ascent in the music industry.

"Stay loyal and stay down/By my side, every night when I lay down/She would always pick me up when I break down/I knew her secrets, we both from the same town/She had everything that I need/But half of my lifestyle was high speed/She wants Netflix and chill and to light weed/She wants marriage and one day, my seed/But I'm moving at light speed/And distance is stress, not what I need/FaceTime's, only see her face on live feed/Worlds apart so it's harder to succeed/Yeah, but true love is true pain/I felt like Bruce Wayne, then bolt like Usain/Had a hard time adjusting to new fame/My life ain't the same since the day that you came," G-Eazy raps on the opening verse.

Watch G-Eazy and Carnage's "Down For Me" featuring 24hrs below.

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