There's only one way to describe Future and Ciara's terms since they broke up - messy. It doesn't look like the back-and-forth is going to die down anytime soon, either. In the latest episode of the Hendrix and Ci Ci soap opera, Future is requesting a judge throw out part of the singer's defamation lawsuit against him, where she claims he made her lose out on a $500,000 endorsement deal.

As previously reported, back in July the "Goodies" singer claimed in court documents that Future was at fault for her losing out on a deal with an international cosmetics company because of the way he bad-mouthed her on the Internet.

Now, according to TMZ, the Atlanta rapper is asking a judge to throw the allegation out, because he doesn't think there was ever a deal on the table in the first place. In court docs, Future says Ciara has no proof of such a lucrative deal being offered her way.

There is still the matter of the $15 million lawsuit that Ci Ci filed back in February citing comments he made that could be interpreted as slanderous. Future later counter-sued Ciara for legal fees claiming her career was over.

In mid-May, a judge in their custody battle ruled in Future’s favor, awarding joint custody to the feuding parents despite Ciara’s best efforts to portray Future as an absent father. Future ended up dropping his counter-suit.

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