Future's purple reign has extended to the small city of Coal Grove, Ohio. Well, not really—but a malfunction in the town's water system turned residents' water a bright shade of purple on Monday (June 3), and people couldn't wait to get their Hendrix jokes off.

"First act of the new head of Water and Sewage," one fan wrote on Twitter with a link to the ABC 7 article and a photo of Future. "'Andd at that moment Future turned water into Lean' Purple Reign 2:7," another user wrote.

In between the mass amount of Future GIFs in response to the article, another fan wrote, "Someone stood in the bathroom and said, 'Future', 5 times. Like he's Candyman. Now look."

According to reports, there was no real danger in the water, but residents were still advised not to use it for drinking or bathing until the color flushed out.

"Once it's diluted out, it's not dangerous at all," Stephen Burchett, water treatment plant operator, said to the news outlet. He noted that the color was caused by a pump malfunctioning and dumping too much sodium permanganate into the water.

Coincidentally, this news came just before Future announced that he'd be dropping new music this Friday (June 7). It's unclear as of press time whether "Save Me" will serve as a new project or merely a new song, but Hendrix fans are excited all the same.

Check out some of the funniest Future-related reactions to the purple water in Ohio below.

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