Day Three of the 2017 Rolling Loud Festival was as star-studded as it gets, but even amongst the shimmering constellation of rap game luminaries, Future shines brightest. Taking the stage toward the end of the festivities, Hendrix electrified the audience in a way few others are capable of.

Considering Future's catalog is comprised of mostly bangers, there's no chance the audience at a festival called "Rolling Loud" wasn't going to be digging his set. Performing "March Madness," Future sprinted across stage as he shouted the lyrics to his hopelessly anthemic banger, pointing his microphone toward a crowd that looked more like a field of fireflies than a turnt audience. But they were, indeed, very turnt.

"March Madness" will definitely go down as one of Future's greatest songs, but his new stuff is pretty great too. The crowd went nearly as crazy for "Draco," jumping up and down as they shouted every single song lyric toward Hendrix, who looked almost as if he was playing the role of a conductor rather than a rap superstar. Sort of the same thing, if you think about it.

Future didn't stop there, either. After all, no Hendrix performance would be complete without a live rendition of "Mask Off," the instantly classic single from his self-titled album. For his performance of the song, Future went all out, enlisting the help of four back-up dancers. He's more old school than some might think.

You can check out photos from Future's 2017 Rolling Loud set in our gallery below. Watch bits of Future's energetic performance for yourself in the videos below that.

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