Since Brooklyn MC Desiigner dropped his infectious iTunes chart topper “Panda,” people have blasted him for completely swagger jacking Future’s entire style, from the voice to the name of a new song.

But Future, whose last three albums peaked at No. 1, could care less. While in the club this past weekend the DJ decided to add “Panda” in the rotation and someone caught Future on candid camera of course. However, the Free Bandz Gang front man seemed unfazed and really paid no attention to the alleged copy cat. In fact, Future carried on a conversation with his boys as his diamond-flooded chains shined bright for the camera.

When you know you are great at your job there's no need to feel threatened. Plus back in February, Future shut down the likeliness of another him. “I’ma let y’all niggas know, it’s only one Future in this motherf-cker and I’m really the plug, really," he told the crowd.

Future may be unfazed by his Doppelganger, but Desiigner—who has never been to Atlanta yet rhymes about having broads there— can't help but to defend himself against fans who are accusing him of imitating the EVOL rhymer a little too much. At SXSW the G.O.O.D. Music signee took the opportunity to drop his new single "Pluto"—if you are a Future fan we can see you shaking your head right now—and also mentioned the rapper as he asked concertgoers not to compare them.

The real comparison will come down to record sales. Desiigner has yet to drop an album and is still riding the wave from his breakout single, which accelerated after Kanye West sampled it for The Life of Pablo. Although Desiigner claims he has more hits and versatility where that came from, based on tracks like "Panda" and "Pluto" it's hard to not point out that he's got a lot in common with Future.

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