Once engaged to be married, Future and Ciara have seen their relationship turn from bad to worse, as child custody disputes have given way to each artist suing the other. In February, Ciara filed a $15 million lawsuit against Future, claiming that tweets he published which serve to paint her as a selfish mother, have done damage to her reputation.

Now, The Jasmine Brand is reporting that Future will be required to give a deposition under oath with Ciara filing legal documents on Monday (May 2) that say her legal team plans to question him on the tweets, his child support and his devolving relationship with Ciara. The questioning will be videotaped and is expected to take place next week in Georgia.

Future himself has filed a counter suit against Ciara and has said that his tweets could not have been damaging to Ciara's career since it was already effectively over. There is a whole lot of back and forth in this case, with each side claiming that the other is airing out this drama publicly to drum up publicity.

Future once said on "Stick Talk," "I'ma tell a lie under oath," and he'll get an opportunity to at next week's deposition. Read the full story including the recent tumultuous history between the former couple over at The Jasmine Brand. We will continue to update this story as news develops, with the war of words not looking to clean itself up any time soon.

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