The devil works hard, but meme creators work harder. Less than 24 hours after 6ix9ine took the stand to testify for a federal racketeering case against the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods, the very best of meme culture went to work creating the hilarious content you didn't know you needed.

Testimonies against the gang began Tuesday afternoon (Sept. 17), with the 23-year-old rapper detailing his role in the execution of crimes connected to drug, gun and attempted murder scenarios within the Nine Trey organization. Treading through his years of affiliation, the “FeFe” rapper also managed to bring Trippie Redd and Casanova into the mix, putting their alleged connections to gangs on blast.

As specifics and name-drops flooded the internet by way of Inner City Press tweets, the internet quickly rallied to make Tekashi the trending topic among social media platforms—and meme makers made light of the situation with some knee-slapping quips. XXL compiles 25 of the funniest to pop up on Twitter and Instagram.

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