Funkmaster Flex wants to give the beef a rest, posting to Facebook early Tuesday morning (Dec. 20) and calling for a truce with Lil Yacthy. Flex went at Yachty on-air late last week, dissing both him and Bow Wow by calling them "mumble rappers." Yachty responded on Twitter, saying if it wasn't one Hot 97 DJ coming for him it was another, never taking Flex's growl too seriously.

In the above video, Yachty, sporting a new hair style, speaks in an accent, saying he doesn't get the hate from Flex. Flex captions the video saying it's all love and that the bad blood stemmed from Yachty's comments earlier this year in which he said he couldn't name five Notorious B.I.G. songs and didn't seem to much care about it.

"I'm sure you would want us to respect who you grew up listening to... just asking u to respect the B.I.G," Flex writes. "I wish u more success but just ask u to do a little homework... I'm guilty myself about saying things about PAC I maybe should have said but I did learn from my experience.... I see u not taking it personal so I won't also... love... we move forward."

Flex is referring to comments he made about Tupac after the rapper's death. He later clarified the comments, which you can see below.

Yachty has caught plenty of flack for his thoughts on Biggie, becoming the poster child for the generational divide with hip-hop. Within the past year alone he's had friction with Flex, Soulja Boy, Pete Rock and Ebro. Check Flex's comments all the up top, with at least one of Yachty's feuds put to rest...we think.

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