In case anyone's forgotten, it's still all beef between Funk Flex and Drake, the Hot 97 DJ cursing the rapper during a recent set. As seen in the above video, Flex is playing "Litty" by Meek Mill and Tory Lanez, both of whom have feuded with the rapper, off Meek's DC4 mixtape. At one point, perhaps prompted though it looks like it could have been random, Flex says, "Fuck Drake. That Internet shit, he don’t give a fuck. He don’t come to Brooklyn, not at all."

Drake had words for Hot while brining his Summer Sixteen tour to New York, rapping from Madison Square Garden, "You see they telling lies on Hot 97 that’s how it goes / I told ‘em fire Funk Flex and then I’ll come and do your show." Flex played a pivotal role int he Meek-Drake beef, playing the reference tracks that exposed the fact that some of Drake's lines and ideas were not his own. “You wanted people to think that you write your bars, you wanted people to think that on that BlackBerry those [words] were yours, and that you wrote that,” Flex said in response. “I see through you. And that’s why you so angry.”

Shortly after Flex issued those comments, Drake fired back, saying to Power 105's DJ Self, “[Thanks for] keeping New York music alive. I don’t mean going and playing the songs four weeks late and shit trying to sound cool – late night, prime time on the radio, 7 to 9 o’clock, talking all that bull shit...Shout out to the real DJs that know about the real music and shit like that. Shout out to New York City. It’s love, you already know.”

All of that went down in August, with Flex providing a platform for Meek to let a few more disses fly in late September. Catch Flex's most recent remarks up top.

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