Funkmaster Flex recently dropped a bomb on the ESPN2 show Highly Questionable with Dan Le Batard and Bomani Jones. Sandwiched between talk of the Knicks, J.R. Smith's tendency to turn up in the clubs and Kirstie Alley, the Hot 97 DJ was asked who had the worst freestyle on his show. After mulling over the question for several seconds, seemingly not wanting to out the rapper with the struggle bars, Flex finally confessed. "The freestyle that wasn't very good on my show, it had to be 2 Chainz." Flex then expounded on his answer saying the ATL rapper probably had an off day. "Honestly, I think I caught him off guard," he added. "I think he didn't expect me to ask him to do it. Because I've heard him on shows freestyling before so I knew he could handle it. But I think that day he couldn't handle it."

Check out the entire clip, below.

[via HHNM]