Lords of the Underground's member DoItAll recently told HipHopDX.com that he wants French Montana and longtime producer Harry Fraud to pay publishing fees for his track "Shot Caller" for sampling the L.O.T.U. hit record "Funky Child." But Fraud, who created the hit song, says that while Lords of the Underground was the inspiration behind the beat, he did his homework, eventually finding and sampling the original horns from the Thomas Bell Orchestra track "A Theme For L.A. Team."

“Well, it’s crazy, I saw something where people think we took this, or took that, but really, the Lords of the Underground was really the inspiration,” Fraud, who grew up listening to N.W.A., Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Sound Garden, Wu-Tang clan and Ice Cube, explained. “Obviously [‘Funky Child,’] that’s a great song that everybody loved. ‘Chief Rocka’ too. That was their two biggest songs. I researched where they got [the horns] from and flipped it. I took the spirit of that old school record and updated it with our feel and bounce to it.

"The record was always dope, but if you go back and listen to [‘Funky Child], they wasn’t really rapping over the part we’re rapping over," he continued. "They were rapping over the James Brown break [from ‘My Thang’]. The horns were really their intro and break.  We’re a little darker than them in general. We took it and did it our way.  It’s been a great response.”

Check out "A Theme for L.A.'s Team" below as well as "Funky Child":

Fraud, who's worked with Fat Joe and Nore in the past as well, says he only paid homage to the Lords with "Shot Caller" and hopes a younger generation of fans actually becomes familiar with their "Funky Child" hit.

“A lot of kids don’t know ‘Funky Child’ by Lords of the Underground,” the Brooklyn, New York, native said. “So by listening to French they may go and do their research and find other great music.”

In the meantime, Fraud, who started working with French in late 2008 and has recorded “hundreds of songs” with him, is still banging out tracks for Frenchy's major label debut, Excuse My French, and recently wrapped up production on Wiz Khalifa and The Taylor Gang’s upcoming Taylor Alderdice mixtape. In addition, Fraud says he is slated to go in the studio with Rick Ross and Maybach Music Group’s Wale, Meek Mill and Stalley in the very near future.

“My sound, I would say I have an eclectic palate in terms of my musical choices,” Fraud added. “But moving, emotional music is what I strive to make. Whether it’s positive, negative, I’m trying to give you a feeling.” —Shaheem Reid @ShaheemReid