French Montana, Lil Pump, Diplo and singer Zhavia connect. Today (May 21), the four appeared in a new video for "Welcome to the Party," Diplo's new cut from the official Deadpool 2 soundtrack.

The new Jason Koenig-directed visual finds all four entertainers either partying it up, leading some sort of high-speed chase or lurking among havoc and destruction. A decent amount of the time, French, Pump and Zhavia are actually doing all of that at once.

The track itself, which made XXL's songs of the week list last Friday (May 18), is a speaker-thumping tune that fits right in with the blood, chaos and irreverence that characterizes the Ryan Reynolds-starring Deadpool 2. Lil Pump captures just about all of those things in his opening lines.

"I can't feel my body, 'cause I pop a lot of Molly/Welcome to the party, bitch I'm 'bout to catch a body/Punch him in his shit, we don't give a fuck about it/Bitch I start a riot, bitch I'm 'bout to start a riot," he raps, just a bar or so before saying he's got his "grandma sellin' crack."

French captures a similar vibe, rapping, "Coupe with the top down, no ceilin'/Rocks on the watch now, armageddon/Roof on fire, fire/We ride, ride/Pull up in a tank, bow-bow."

Watch the chaotic video for "Welcome to the Party" below.

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