Fans looking forward to a Diplomats reunion may have to wait, as the Harlem crew is out of a record deal.

In a recent interview with VladTV, Freekey Zekey revealed that the Dips are no longer signed to Interscope Records, the label who signed the group in 2010. Zekey explained that Juelz Santana's personal and legal problems halted the album's production, which ultimately cost the group its deal. Still, Zekey said that now that Juelz is back recording music, all it will take for the group to reunite is the chance to sit down and work its issues out.

"I don't know. [Juelz Santana] had I guess personal problems that was negating him from hittin' the studio hard. I don't know what they are or what they was, but his mind was with it. 'Cause every time we talked to him or spoke to him, he [was excited]. But whatever was lurkin' in his personal life or whatever the case may be, would basically stop him from getting into that studio...[cops took] everything [from Juelz's studio], every single thing. They gutted was back to back things going on. They're talking about some gun problems, and his man died in the was just piling up on him."

He added, "[Juelz] is back...Jim and Cam got songs in the studio already, so right but now, it's just up to us to sit down and say we're gonna do it."

Earlier this year, the Diplomats reunited for a live performance at B.B. King's House of Blues in New York City.