Fredo Santana returns with his brand new mixtape Fredo Kruger 2. Chief Keef, Kodak Black and Iman Shumpert are among the features. You can cop it on iTunes and listen to it on Apple Music or stream it via Spotify below.

It's the first project from Fredo we've heard this year since his Plugged In project from January. Corey Lingo of the BeatPluggz produced seven of the 16 tracks on the project, while Southside, Zaytoven, Based Kash and others also provide beats.

Fredo Santana's Fredo Kruger 2 Tracklist

1. “Been Savage” (prod. by Lil Keis)
2. “Kill You On Camera” (prod. by Southside)
3. “Off The Meter” (prod. by Corey Lingo)
4. “Snatch His Chain” Feat. Gino Marley and Chief Keef (prod. by 808 Mafia DY)
5. “Prove Sum” Feat. Lil Reese (prod. by Corey Lingo)
6. “Business Man” Feat. YSL Duke (prod. by Corey Lingo)
7. “Never Had a Job” Feat. Chief Keef (prod. by Based Kash)
8. “High Off Gun Powder” Feat. Kodak Black and Chief Keef
9. “Turnt They Back” Feat. Iman Shumpert (prod. by Corey Lingo)
10. “Left Handed” Feat. Corey Lingo (prod. by Corey Lingo)
11. “Go Live ” Feat. Chief Keef, Ballout and Tadoe (prod. by Southside)
12. “Energy” (prod. by Corey Lingo)
13. “Demons” (prod. by Fredo Santana)
14. “Want My Spot” (prod. by Zaytoven, Corey Lingo, Polo Boy Shawty & Stoopid Xool)
15. “The Program” Feat. Gino Marley (prod. by Corey Lingo)
16. “Freestyle” Feat. Tadoe and Gino Marley (prod. by Uzof)

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