Since being released from an Austrian prison after being exonerated on sexual assault charges in September 2016, Freddie Gibbs has been taking it slow, enjoying his family and seems to be in no rush to dive headfirst back into the rap game. Over a year after dropping his last offering, You Only Live 2wice, Gangsta Gibbs surprises fans with the new project, Freddie, on Friday (June 22).

Gibbs teased the project on Thursday (June 21), via a hilarious trailer posted to his Instagram account. In the clip, fashioned like a TV ad, Freddie Kane poses as a low-budget R&B singer who is promoting the new release. The video turned out to be a comical stunt, but the project is official and there's nothing sweet about it. Gibbs offers up 10 gully new songs on the new release, which features 03 Greedo on the track, "Death Row," and Gibbs' daughter on the song, "Diamonds 2." Kenny Beats, RichGains and Dupri handle the bulk of the production duties.

Fans are still awaiting Gibbs' highly-anticipated Bandana album with Madlib, the follow-up to their 2014 joint project, Piñata. Last November, Freddie revealed that the project could be coming soon as well. “I’m working on Bandana right now,” Gibbs told Zane Lowe. “It’s actually almost done. I think we’re back in the mixing process right now, but it’s definitely coming soon. I can’t tell y’all when we’re ‘gon drop it, but we’re just gon’ hit y’all out the blue.”

Listen to Freddie Gibbs' Freddie project below.

Freddie Gibbs' Freddie Tracklist

1. "Weight" (produced by Skinny, Dupri and RichGains)
2. "Automatic" (produced by Kenny Beats)
3. "Death Row" featuring 03 Greedo  (produced by Kenny Beats and Freddie Kane)
4."Triple Threat" (produced by Dupri, RichGains and Enstrumentals)
5. "2 Legit" (produced by RichGains)
6. "FLFM (Interlude)" (produced by RichGains and Freddie Kane)
7. "Set Set" (produced by Kenny Beats)
8. "Toe Tag" (produced by Kenny Beats)
9. "FBC" (produced by Kenny Beats, Adrian Lau and Tony Seltzer)
10. "Diamonds 2" featuring Cassie Joe Craig and Irie Jane Gibbs (produced by Dupri and RichGains)


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