After some time off to tend to family, after being locked up for a portion of 2016, Freddie Gibbs is back in his bag, with a new project waiting in the wing. Today (March 26), we get the latest single off the forthcoming offering, "Alexys."

Gangsta Gibbs kicks it the only way he knows how: hard body. Over a tantalizing loop, the Gary MC goes in with lines like, "Homie at the table chopping Rick James/Sent the package off from Texas its been six days/Keep sweating like a pig until that shit came/Didn't hurt to keep a job living off in my mama's spot/Fuck it Ima bust a fucking jug I'm a juggernaut/Drop it off in that water we was cooking hot/Loud packs and molly powder all these niggas pushing out."

Freddie doesn't let up on the chorus, splitting the verses with more views from the mud. "I got cake bitch can't everyday be my birthday/You can't take me off first place on my worst day/Streets dry niggas thirsty/So I pray that when they come and take me that this mini Draco make the Earth shake/I've been working on this underneath the Earth shit/My nigga caught a murder on his first day," he spits.

Gibbs' new project You Only Live 2wice was announced earlier this month. The eight-song offering will feature all solo tracks, including the previously released "Crushed Glass."

Listen to "Alexys" below.

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