Earlier this week, Frank Ocean producer Malay said of the singer's oft-delayed album Boys Don't Cry that "art cannot be rushed." Ocean, in other words, isn't racing to release the much sought after project, instead literally racing with Tyler, The Creator on A$AP Rocky's Snapchat.

In the clips up top and below, the two Odd Future artists put the pedal to the metal for an impromptu (and illegal) street race, Rocky saying off camera, "Somebody get me out of this car. I'm scared. These niggas crazy." 

Tyler has demonstrated some wild driving techniques in the past when he turned up to Kanye West "Freestyle 4" while behind the wheel. As for Rocky, he and the Golf Wang designer have been seen riding around town on numerous occasions in recent months, with a video posted in April of Rocky driving for what looks to be the first time, his caution and uncertainty contrasted with Tyler's madness. "Ok Frankie. Watch this, watch how lil bro do it," Tyler says above in a voice that doesn't exactly suggest safety is his primary concern.

For Ocean, the videos are the second time he's popped up in the past week, with his mother posting a video to Instagram of the singer with her in New York City. There is a notion that if Ocean is out street racing and such, then work on Boys Don't Cry must be done, but with no official release date in sight, it's likely best not to read too much into anything Ocean does or says.

Last week Apple Music employees said they expected the album to be posted to the streaming service within 24 to 72 hours. Clearly that hasn't happened.

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