Former NFL player Warren Sapp recently made a stop by the Sway In The Morning Show while in New York City to be honored at 29th Annual Great Sports Legends Dinner.

During the interview, Sway asked the former Tampa Bay Buccaneer about the famous alleged Superbowl bet in which he lost a $100,000 to Rick Ross. Sapp’s response? “Now how many times have you known Ross to lie? Anytime since he’s been out, when have you known Ross to lie? The corrections officer part, the whatever else and all the rest of it. Come on, man.”

Sway grills Sapp on the details and Sapp continues, "Ross messing with how I feed my family. I can’t be associated with known gamblers. I’m sitting on the stage with him 'cause I’m hosting a party and he’s coming through. So he’s yelling at me, ‘Yo Sapp, I got some dudes over in Brooklyn. I’m gonna hit ‘em for $100 grand on Settle.’ I’m like ‘Don’t bet that Ross. Don’t bet that.' He walks out, he’s done with his performance so he conjures up a lie… I don’t bet. I don’t even go to Vegas and play blackjack.”

The football giant claims that after Ross tweeted about winning the bet, a drunk Sapp looked at the photo but didn’t read the caption so he tweeted back, "Yessir," assuming Ross had just mentioned them chilling that night. “Ross a liar,” Sapp goes on to insist. “I’m gonna put it to you point blank, Ross is a liar.”

Back in 2012, the NFL star lost nearly everything, including two Super Bowl Championship rings when he filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy after getting caught up owing millions of dollars to creditors and the IRS, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in child support. Since then he has been working hard regain his fortune.

Rick Ross will release his seventh solo album Hood Billionaire on Nov. 24.