Brooklyn has always had a place in hip-hop, and Flipp Dinero is yet another name to watch from the borough. His latest single is "You Know It," an upbeat, BlackMayo-produced banger that he sounds extremely comfortable over.

Dinero isn't shy about his hustling skills at all, rapping that he clearly has what it takes to survive. "Yeah, I'm smoking on this dope my niggas tweaking like it's crack/Run up on me you's a dummy/Watch them slugs go through your back," he quickly spits in his prominent New York City accent. "Niggas hatin, occupation/I'm impatient, so I trap/Front the work, I run it up, you prolly will not get called back."

Flipp signed a deal with Cinematic Music Group last year, thanks to Joey Bada$$ catching wind of his music. In that time, he dropped his debut EP, The Guala Way. He also released a remix of his song, "Time Goes Down," enlisting G Herbo in the process.

Right around the time he started to take off, Flipp Dinero sat down with XXL for an interview. While it's still very early on in his career, he hasn't lost sight of the bigger picture. “[My goal is] to be able to say five, 10 years from now that I accomplished something," he shared. "To be able to build a foundation for other artists to present their crafts as well. I want to still be considered a high role model in this music business."

Check out Flipp Dinero's new song "You Know It" below.

Cinematic Music Group
Cinematic Music Group

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