Last night (September 18) Jay-Z and Beyoncé hosted a fundraiser for President Barack Obama at the 40/40 Club. President Barack Obama was introduced by singer Beyoncé, who stated that both herself and her husband believed in the President's "vision."

As a response, the Commander-in-Chief told 40/40 attendees, "Let me just begin by saying Jay and Bey, thank you so much for your friendship. We are grateful. Michelle and Malia and Sasha are mad at me because they are not here. That doesn't usually happen. Usually, they're like, 'We're glad you're going, we don't need to go.' But every time they get a chance to see these two they are thrilled, partly because they are just both so generous, particularly to my kids. And Malia and Sasha just love both of them."

In addition, the President praised Beyoncé as a role model for his daughters, as the former Destiny's Child singer carries herself with such class and poise, and made a remark on his bond with Jay-Z, as they both have daughters and have wives that are more "popular" than they are.

President Barack Obama proceeded to mention how himself, Beyoncé and Jay-Z all came from humble backgrounds. "The good thing about so many of us here—and I know, I speak for Jay and Bey—is we remember what it's like not having anything, and we know people who were just as talented as us that didn't get the same break, the same chance," the President said. "We remember some of our parents or grandparents who came here as immigrants and got a little bit of help along the way to go to that school or be able to start that first business."

The event, which was $40,000 per ticket, managed to raise $4 million for the President's campaign from the guest list of 100. The reception featured a tower 305 Ace of Spades champagne bottles worth $105, 000 apiece.

Prior in the evening, President Barack Obama was present at a reception at the Waldorf Astoria to a family of 200 donors, with each group paying $12,500. The Obama campaign reportedly raised $6 million for the day. —Jaeki Cho (@JaekiCho)