News broke earlier this week that Kid Cudi was leaving G.O.O.D. Music. Most fans associate Cudi with Kanye West, who he has said on numerous occasions that ‘Ye was a big influence on his music. It came as a shock to hear Cudi’s departure from G.O.O.D. to focus on his efforts on his label, Wicked Awesome Records.

While Cudder revealed the label wouldn’t be solely on music (he may delve into films and television shows), there’s room for some new talent. King Chip has already secured his spot and will probably receive some more shine. For wishful thinking purposes, here are five artists we’d think would fit on Wicked Awesome.



Kid Cudi has been a big fan of MGMT for a long time - the neo-psychedelic band has been his inspiration for most of his earliest works.

“MGMT inspired me to take my mind on a whole new creative plain. What I think is the most magical thing about MGMT is when you listen to it, it sounds like these dudes found a time machine and went back to the late '60s and early '70s and made this album and came back,” he said in a recent Complex interview.

Cudder collaborated with them on “Pursuit of Happiness” for his album, Man on the Moon: The End of Day. He even sampled MGMT’s “Congratulations” on his newest single, “Immortal,” which is one of the singles off his forthcoming album.

“Ok, so here’s what I did. I took one of my favorite bands MGMT's song "Congratulations", put it in reverse, sped it up, and produced over it,” he said over Twitter. "Thank You so much to MGMT for clearing the sample. LOVE YOU GUYS!!"

With such a close relationship, we wouldn’t be surprised if Cudi approached the duo to become part of his new venture.



Mr. Rager was reaching out to some new faces on his second installment of Man on the Moon. One of them was Cage, a former Def Jux rapper who has a penchant for a rap rock sound. The pair collaborated on “Maniac” and would later produce a mini horror film directed by Cudi’s actor pal Shia LaBeouf.

Since then, the two have parted ways, but we wouldn’t mind seeing Cudi reaching out to Cage to join his roster.



Cudi has credited these guys for the entire basis of his music, even going far as saying they are the most important band to come out in a while.

“They don't get enough credit. I will forever be a Ratatat supporter. They are two fucking amazing dudes. They're geniuses and the world is sleeping on them. They have fueled this whole Kid Cudi experience that you guys know. Their music has helped me through the grind. It's very therapeutic.”

He hinted that the New York-based experimental duo were appearing on Indicud. If they can come together to make iconic anthems like “Alive (Nightmare)” and “Pursuit of Happiness,” then imagine their musical spark if they were signed to Cudi’s label.


David Guetta

With the surge of EDM acts joining forces with hip-hop acts, we wouldn’t be mad if Guetta decided to take his talents to Wicked Awesome. The French house music producer has dabbled in hip-hop before, crafting hits with the Black Eyed Peas, Nicki Minaj and Flo Rida. Couple that with landing No. 4 of the richest DJs in the world in 2012 and Guetta could be huge MVP for the roster.



TNGHT have been able to walk the line between the hip-hop and underground electronic scenes. Lunice and Hudson Mohawke have an ability to produce minimal hip-hop bangers, which have motivated rappers like Future and Lil Wayne to hop on their beats. We’re pretty sure Cudi is familiar with these guys, considering Kanye West used their talents on Cruel Summer. It would be exciting to see their instrumentals paired together with the rapper-singer’s innovative ideas.

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