Memorial Day is a celebration of those who have fought on behalf of the United States, both past and present, defending the country's freedom and safety. And while barbecues and pool parties are a common form of celebration, a different kind of fight broke out at Drake's Los Angeles mansion, one that seemed to jeopardize the safety of at least a few guests.

As captured by OVO affiliate ItsBizkit, Drake's Memorial Day pool party seemed to be an event of the highest lit-ness. Drake's entire backyard and pool area was filled with party goers in a scene that would have made Hugh Hefner proud. The DJ is naturally spinning Drake tunes, with one of the below clips capturing the scene as "Summer Sixteen" rings off in the background. But in another clip, things had devolved to such a degree that a melee had broken out with one female guest standing over another, delivering punches downward.

Now, even Bizkit isn't sure what caused the fight, writing, "Wonder what these chicks wuz fighting over @ Drake crib ?" but it seems a fair guess that alcohol is at least partially to blame. Drake's music is often colored with stories of women as guests at his home, but he typically details their requests for wifi passwords. No one would be surprised though should a reference to this incident spring up in some future song or verse.

Peep footage from the party below which included Jaden Smith among its many guests.

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