Fetty Wap and his crew allegedly wrecked a $2.1 million mansion in Puerto Rico. Celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Jones rented the mansion to Fetty, but returned to find the place in a state of disrepair.

The “My Way” artist and his associates were accused of causing an estimated $50,000 in damages, according to Page Six. Jones found holes in the walls, blunts scattered throughout the residence, bed linen missing and "stripper lingerie" all over the house.

The damages caused the production of Jones’ reality show We Are the Joneses to be set back by a few weeks while repairs were done. Fetty’s insurance company paid out approximately $40,000 to cover the costs, but Jones sued the former XXL Freshman for an additional $5,000 to complete the repairs.

Covering those costs should be no problem for Fetty, who turned $1.3 million into $20 million through investments. The New Jersey native recently told XXL about how his business manager helped him increase his income.

“He just made me kind of get myself involved in the investment field, like the stock field,” Fetty said. “At first it was him kind of working with me, more than working for me and he was just showing me as we went forward. Then when I got into it heavy that’s when I took it upon myself to put myself in the little financial classes and the business management classes and the money classes to learn the value of the money and how the money is working.”

Check out XXL's entire conversation with Fetty for more info on his money-making ability and an update on his King Zoo album.

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