Despite his broken leg mishap last September, Fetty Wap is now fully back into the bike life. And he is encouraging people to do the same, as opposed to messing with guns.

Wap's hometown of Paterson, N.J. is known for being a very rough area. The rapping crooner wants to give the youth a positive alternative to getting involved in illegal activity. Recently out riding with his homies, the "My Way" singer decided to make somewhat of a public service announcement. "Bikes up, guns down. Bikes over banging," he said while sitting on four-wheeler. He later posted video of himself and his partnas riding. One in particular shows Wap drifting in slow motion.

The Jersey native also showed off a new etching he recently had done on one of his Banshees. The wording reads: "As I start my bike to today to ride the streets. I pray for the traction my tires keep. While I show off and ride I must keep in mind the power of this machine that I drive. God please keep me safe. On these streets. If I catch a chase and heart starts to beat. Please guide me so I won't fall or slide. But please protect me as I get ready to ride."

Fetty has made of full recovery since being involved in a serious motorcycle accident last year in which he broke his leg. The Grammy Award-nominated performer received three citations in the crash. Despite suffering some setbacks in the recovery process, the 2015 XXL Freshman is now good to go.

Check out Fetty and crew racing below.

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