Add Fetty Wap and Remy Boy Monty to the growing list of rappers who've jumped on the notorious Tay-K's "The Race" instrumental. Recently, the two Remy Boyz dropped off their iteration of the song, along with a music video to match.

Tay-K recorded the original version of "The Race" while he was on the run from the law, and appropriately enough, the beat sounds like an adventure. For their part, Fetty and Monty throw some vicious bars down on the track, matching Tay-K in intensity. Throughout both of their verses, Fetty and Monty keep things about as street as possible, disparaging people who don't.

"Ay, how you a gangsta if you motherfuckin' told/Ay, boy stop playin', you too motherfuckin' old/Ay, I bet you wish you made better decisions you lil' bitch/I ain't say nothin' you was playin' the victim you lil' bitch," Fetty spits on the track.

The video itself finds Fetty and Monty posted up in a home, hanging out with their friends as they enjoy what looks like a day of drinking. The visual was directed by Rhatigan.

Tay-K's been blowing up ever since dropping "The Race" earlier this year. The thing is, he's currently behind bars after being charged with capital murder for a role in a 2016 home invasion. Despite the fact he was only 16 when the incident took place, a judge has ruled that the 17-year-old rapper will be tried as an adult. He's also suspected in a murder that took place at a 2015 Daytona Boyz concert.

Watch Fetty Wap and Monty's new video below.

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